2007 Supporters and Donors of the Heart Gallery

Heart Circle

Children Youth and Families Department
Healy Foundation
McCune Foundation
Western Refining
Michelle Coons
Buckaroo Ball Committee

Gallery Circle

Catholic Charities
The AML Foundation
Century Bank
R.D. Hubbard and Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation
TVC, Cathy and Sherman McCorkle
Karen and Ray Westall
Bruce Malott

New Mexico Circle

Ronald Simon Family Foundation
Kim Preston
FHL Foundation
Ted Rushing
Thornburg Charitable Foundation

Child's Circle

Billye Bossong and Stuart Gall
Gordon Jumonville
Ables Foundation, Kathy and Rick Abeles
Carol Bayless
Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
Chevron Mining
Marty and Johnny Cope
Greg Cory
Lisa and J.B. Fraley
Rebecca and Jay Markley
Gil Moutray
Richardson for Governor
Henry Southway, Jr.
Carol and Paul Wood
Laureen and Richard Zelt
Los Alamos National Bank
Stacey and Scott Miller
Sony Roethemeyer
Kay and Bud Grant
Beverlee McClure
Julie and Morgan Smith
Aggie Choi
Ann Hearn

Family Circle

Bank of Albuquerque
Nancy Burleson and Ted Abrams
Sunny and Bob Bettis
Calvin Browning
Sydney and Andrew Davis
Dale R Dekker
Betty Jean and Bob Dobbins
Sandra Erwin
Dick Forrest
Frank Hirsch
Earl Jones
Fay and Donald Kirby
Diane and Charles Mashburn
Dennis Monroe
E.W. Prater, Jr
Bill Reed
Governor and Mrs. Richardson
Cleo and Bruce Rimbo
G.R. and Linda Russell
Scott Weaver

Foundation Circle

Cathy M. Callanan
Philippe Jacquot
Baron Wolman
Sharon and Richard Kirkland
Natalie and David Cecil
Ned W. Bennett & Sandra G. Zane
Margaret Branch
Jane and Bill Buchsbaum
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Edwards
Deanna G. & Ken Katz
Susan & Don Meredith
Marco Prelo
Mary Ann Shaening
Judie & Gene Wolkoff
Cathy Eastham
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ellis
Helen Joan Holt
Geraldine and Allen Macomber
Margaret Robson
Caroline Culley Liberti
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Esstman
Charles Hawthorne
Richard Lewis
Wayne Metcalfe
Margaret Perry
Ron Russ
Betty and Glen Savage
Brenda McCracken

Friends Circle

Academy For The Love Of Learning, Aaron Stern
Judy Haden
Susan Feil
William E. & Aileen R. Garcia
Duke Halle
Mr. Will Halm
Leslie E. Lakind, D.D.S., P.C.
Mary Donna Meredith
Mozelle Richardson
Lisa Vigil
Kathleen and Mark Clark
Anna Crook
Joan McGuire
City Bank New Mexico
Kenneth W. Perry
Myrna Rheudasil
Susan and Lee Berk
Ray Belzen Agency
Pascale and Ted Blue
Connie and Bob Bright
Fran and Lou Bruno
Ann and Jim Butler
DeWayne Catron
Pat & Susan Conway Oliphant
Dawn Cordina
Joan Deming
Debbie Fleischaker
Nanci and Harvey Fruman
Tom Garber
Barraclough & Associates, Annette Hayden
Richard James
Earlene Neeley
Georgine and Gordon Peacock
Nancy Reynolds
Donna Elena Saiz & David Soley
Darrel Winter
Charmay Allred
William and Jackelin Cobb
Jean and Donald Gautier
Jasmyne Goodman
Reeves McGuire
John Underwood
The Adoption Exchange, Liz Ashling
JoAnn Balzer
Linda M Davis
Glen Holt
Ms. Judy Kaufman
Edmund and Joan Kendirck
Jill Cooper Udall
Suzanne Udall
Clare Lighton
Reality Check
Joseph Fidel
Roman Maes
Clyde Tomlin
Suzanne Garney



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**We apologize for any unintentional omissions or inaccuracies**

Gifts received In Honor of:

Brad Woolbright,
The Administrative Staff at the Santa Fe Opera
Roddy Burdine
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weiss by Richard Gettis
Reid Callanan
The Callanan Family
Bruce Galpert
The Lugassy Family
Sally Maier and Peter Vagg
David M. Schwartz
Friends by Cathy M. Callanan
Jill Cooper Udall by Susan Udall
Diane Granito by The AML Foundation
Gerald Peters by Governor and Mrs. Richardson
Cathy M. Callanan by Reid Callanan
Mother by Paul & Marjori Krebs

Gifts received In Memory of:

Pearl Blue by Pascale and Ted Blue
Terry Malone by Nanci and Harvey Fruman
Austin Gall by Billye S. Bossong and Stuart Gall
Joe Bowden by Gordon F. Jumonville
Martha Gilmore by Bob and Sunny Bettis
Rebecca Tabar by
Anthony and Linda Tabar
Ruth Goldwin
Billie Velasco
William and Kathleen Conway
Karen Toland
Jill May & CYFD
Connie Breding
Minnie and Terry Van Wormer