2008 Supporters and Donors of the Heart Gallery

Heart Circle

New Mexico Child Youth and Families Department
McCune Charitable Foundation
Western Refining
R.D. Hubbard and Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation
New Mexico Community Foundation

Gallery Circle

Buckaroo Ball Committee
Technology Ventures Corporation
Paul L. Foster
Peters Family Art Foundation
Century Bank
Rushing Family Foundation

New Mexico Circle

Mail Call & Giftwork
Michelle & Bill Coons
Bank of the West
Julien McRoberts
Thornburg Charitable Foundation

Child's Circle

Bruce Malott
Beverlee McClure
The AML Foundation
Lucky Rental Tools
Marty and Johnny Cope
Donald Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V Martin
Nirvana Manana Institute
Wells Fargo Bank
ABC Rental Tool Co
Kay and Bud Grant

Family Circle

Edwina and Charles Milner
Candace and Leland Gould
Bernard Logue y Perea
Frank Hirsch
The Abeles Foundation
Santa Fe Photographic Workshop
Nancy G. Dickerson
Fay and Donald Kirby
New Mexico Bank & Trust
Leslie Ann & Jesse Allen
Bank of Albuquerque
George K. and Sharmyn Munoz

Foundation Circle

Cheryl Jernigan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Choi
Deborah Peacock and Nate Korn
Jill May
Sandy and Chip Cunningham
Lane Moore
Democrats for Rick Lass
Linda M Davis
Gregory J. And Mary Ann Edwards
Mary Ann and John Bumgarner
Reid Callanan
Haneborg Foundation
Sue Barnum
LK Vigil Children's Foundation
David Chase
Barbara Richardson
Patricia and Glenn Ferguson
Robert and Joanne Pierson

Friends Circle

Geraldine and Allen Macomber
First American Financial Advisors, Inc.
Susan and Lee Berk
Cathy Maier Callanan
Margaret and Turner Branch
Life of Reilly, Inc. / Kimberly's Hallmark
The Alice MacGraw Revocable Trust
Wendy Bobb Hansen
Judie and Gene Wolkoff
Drs. Bernardo & Catherine Monserrat
Helen Joan Holt
G. Lee and Jotina Trussell
Connie and Bob Bright
Billie Velasco
The Mathey Family
Articles For Her
Barraclough & Associates, P.C.
Anthony and Linda Tabar
Pascale and Ted Blue
Margaret Simms
Minnie and Terry Van Wormer
John and Suzanne Otter
Megan Lloyd Hill
Marion Seymour
Bruno Advertising & Design
Karen Toland
Judith Mikkelsen
Charmay Allred
Rio Grande Credit Union
Deborah C. Quirk
Carolyn Kenny
Randy and Roberta Garcia
J. Revell Carr
Darla Dandro
Barbara Hanosh
Deborah and Patrick Bartucci
L. Paulette Reed
Edmund and Joan Kendrick
Patrick and Susan Conway Oliphant
Sally and Dan Pick
Rosemary and Epifanio Chavez
Jane Sauer
Mary Ann Shaening
Lynn and Norman Brown
Rick and Kathy Abeles
Lenny and Janice Ruggiero
William and Jackelin Cobb
Patricia Keck Remington
Judith and Edward Hebrlee II
Nena M. Perkin
Roger and Caroline Tow
Marsha and Terrence Buesgens
Joseph Fidel
Gilbert Chavez and Juanita Kramer
Enid E Tidwell
Michael L. Gaylor
Krista and Stuart Lawrence
Riann K. Powell
Brain and Kathleen Lyon
Dominique Mazeaud
Patricia A. England
Connie Breding



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