2009 Supporters and Donors of the Heart Gallery

Heart Circle

New Mexico Child Youth and Families Department
Scalo Northern Italian Grill
Western Refining
New Mexico Educators Credit Union

Gallery Circle

McCune Charitable Foundation
Technology Ventures Corporation
Karen and Ray Westall
Margaret and Turner Branch
R.D. Hubbard and Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation
Paul L. Foster

New Mexico Circle

Julien McRoberts
Donald Leonard
Steve Mitazzo
Century Bank
Santa Fe Community Foundation
Daniels Family Funeral Services
Bank of the West
New Mexico Bowl
The Ronald Simon Family Foundation
Buckaroo Ball Committee
David and Kim Chase
Paul and Marjori Krebs
Michelle & Bill Coons

Child's Circle

Mail Call & Giftwork
First American Financial Advisors, Inc.
Ben and Robin Miller
Premier Distributing Company
Southwest Paving & Grading Inc.
Judy Richardson
National Electric
Vince and Jeannine DiLorenzo
Hal Brunson
Mattress Firm ABQ/SF

Family Circle

Karen and Tom Cardenos
Youth Development, Inc
Jim & Jacklyn Hakeem
Arthur Hull
Candace and Leland Gould
Annaliese and Jock McDonald
Martha Braniff and Dr. David Rubenstein
Hotel Santa Fe
Judie and Gene Wolkoff
Beverlee McClure
Max Maintenance
David Chavez
Susan Ahrens
Terry Brewer
A. J. and Beverly J. Bernitsky
Kent and Melanie Cravens
Donna Wylie
Kay and Bud Grant
Joe and Angelique Thompson
Lucky Rental Tools
Elfigo and Sue Padilla
Sandy and Chip Cunningham

Foundation Circle

Brad J. Hodges
Universal Studios Hollywood
Jennifer Thompson
Candace Boulay
Southwest Sports Institute
Kenneth Semon
Anita Kelly
Ms. Nancy G. Dickenson
Southwest Corporate Federal Credit Union
Julia Rhodes
Rockland and Kelly Lawrence
Mason Lee and Elizabeth Wells
Cathy Maier Callanan
Angelak Blakely
My Bank
David and Kim Chase
Entravision Communications
Sandia Golf Club
The Mathey Family
Giant Industries
Rebecca and Abe Apodaca
First American Financial Advisors, Inc.
Stephen R. Byrd
Doyle Miller
Richard Pacheco
Team Radio
Wells Fargo Bank
The Abeles Foundation
Robert J. Ortega
Jim Van Every
Susan McRae
Universal City Studios LLLP
The Horse & Angel Tavern
First American Financial Advisors, Inc.
Dan Kane
Dennis Andrew Rodriquez
Fay and Donald Kirby
New Mexico State Senate
Lisa Alsop
Craigeivar, Inc, Billy's Long Bar
Whole Foods
Eric Youngberg
Minute Men Refinishing
Shawna and Michael Hidalgo
Stone Face Package Liquors
High Desert Art & Frame, LLC

Friends Circle

Albuquerque Center for Plastic Surgery
Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living
David France
Nanci and Harvey Fruman
Deborah Peacock and Nate Korn
Premier Distributing Company
Tracy and Robert T. Sedberry
Golden Equipment Supply
Charles and Cathy Lucero
Tricia Rose and Michael Ankner
Elissa Kanmon
Repps David Stanford
Charmay Allred
Angie Baca
Gay Dillingham and Andrew Ungerleider
Total Body Wellness Pilates & Fitness
Helen Joan Holt
Paul Burguieres and Jim Bailey
NBC Universal Marketing
Ellyn Lambert
Randall B. Wilson
The Collected Works Bookstore
Ursula M. Thayer
Emily Dilorenzo
Elizabeth & Randy Travis
Chris Abeyta
Barraclough & Associates, P.C.
Stephen and Tanya Alford
Barbara Hanosh
Barbara Richardson
Stephen and Tanya Alford
Carla Corwin
Carole and Gary Millhollon
Inn of the Anasazi
Staci and Mike Cotter
Mark and Elizabeth Ardisana
Katherine B. Miller
Mary Ann and John Bumgarner
Mary Turner
Joseph W. O'Neill
Matthew Martinez
Lisa Torraco and Mallory Waggoner
Mozelle Richardson
Kathryn Ugoretz
Robert Griego
John Underwood
Nancy G. Dickerson
Jeanie C. Williams
Peggy Maddox
James and Patricia McGrath Morris
J. Revell Carr
Georgie Ortiz
Margaret Moses Gallery
Ann Jarrell
Robert G. Heiser
Patsy Jennings
Maria D. Contreras
Sandra Kruse
J. Revell Carr
Martha Runkle
Lisa Bowling Eastburg and Randy Eastburg
Michael Davis
Encantado, An Auberge Resort
Reid Callanan
Nirvana Manana Institute
Lucia Palacios
Janice Quinn
Rebecca and Abe Apodaca
Articles For Her
Jonas and Tania Armenta
Edmund and Joan Kendrick
Ernesto Torres
Total Body Wellness Pilates & Fitness
Hampton and Anne Goodwin Sides
Carolyn Kenny
Drs. Bernardo & Catherine Monserrat
Jonathan T. and Mary Ruth Holthaus
Jeffery D. Birnbaum
Jill May
Martinez Fine Arts
Laurel C. Bryant
Bank of the West
Arleen and Thaddeus Lucero
Robert and Linda Hull
Sandra Rolshoven Claymore
Nikki Harnish and Gail Anderson
Camilla E. Duarte
Maggie Ramirez
Sally and Dan Pick
D. Wood
Joy H. Donelson
Peggy B. Hunnicutt
Elaine Del Valle
Renaah Taylor
Carolyn Fischman
Megan A. Finno
Windy and Tom Reinke
Karen Kopel
Rose and Thomas Himrod
Ruth N. Rael
Suzanne Garney
Dennis Hudson and Nancy Noble
Tinhorn Toys


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